Keep Calm and Keep Your Cool

As my extremely busy week is coming to an end, I have had time to sit back and reflect on it. This time of the year is especially stressful because the mid-term mark is fast approaching and everyone is getting sick of going to class every day, or at least I am. Being a PR student, with an internship and a part time job on top of it all, can get very stressful. A day you thought you had planned out to the tee can turn out to be filled with obstacles that make you want to pull your hair out!
No matter what obstacles you may face throughout your day, it is vital to remain calm, cool and collected. This is especially true when you are in an office setting. It is extremely important to remain professional at all times. Stressing yourself out not only affects your performance, but other’s as well. I always look to this quote when I am having a bad day, “Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.” So when you’re stressed out, consider the following tips from an article posted on NYC PR Girls:
§  Rearrange your to-do list – figure out what the priorities are. If you have an urgent task you need to get done, move it to the top of your list but don’t forget about the other things you need to do! Get back on track as quickly as possible so all of your assignments are completed.
§  Walk away from your desk for 5 minutes – grab another coffee, a snack, anything to calm your mind. Sometimes you need to take your eyes off the computer screen for a few minutes. This way, you can jump back into the work with a clear head.
§  Make sure you NEVER give attitude – this is a huge no-no. No one wants to work with or approach someone that may snap at them.
§  Ask for help – although this seem like a daunting task it is very useful. As strong, independent PR kids we sometimes view asking for help as a weakness but when it starts affecting your work, you need to suck it up and ask for help.
§  Breathe – sometimes something so simple is easily forgotten!
How do you keep your cool? Let us know!

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