Managing Multiple Clients…Successfully

As aspiring PR professionals, we are constantly juggling multiple clients at any given time and this can bring upon confusion and potential mistakes. The following 4 steps to manage multiple clients will eliminate any potential for confusion or mistakes!
  1. Work on each client a little each day- It is very easy to get caught up in one client and one project per day, but it is necessary to pay attention to each client a little each day. This reassures that all information is fresh in your head as well as being current on any news or happenings from your client. Ideally, you are checking each website at least once daily and setting Google alerts so you are up to date on everything.
  2. Create a “cheat sheet”- A cheat sheet for each client is made up of any and all important information that would need to be accessed at any given moment. Important information could be the board of directors, mission statement, voice of social media, and background of the company as well as simple reminders of current projects. This is important because it is easy to forget small details but since they are important details, checking back quickly and easily is key.
  3. Do not switch gears blindly- Moving from one project to another happens often but needs to be done with caution. Always check back to your cheat sheet for information when switching client projects and always triple check your emails and social media blasts; you do not want to be tweeting about animal rights from your alternative energy client. Each client has his or her own voice, so keeping track of this is important, one may be more conversation while another is strictly business. Make sure you have a document with where all of your client information is: file names, what colored flash drive or what Google Doc, it is important to know where this can be found at any time.
  4. Social Media Planner- Along with your cheat sheet, you should also have a social media planner. Here you will lay out each tweet, Facebook update, and other posts for each client and have they scheduled. This planner will be your life and is of the upmost importance because a social media “voice” is the voice of your client. This information should also be in your cheat sheet, the voice and goal of your social media: funny, conversational, and factual. Regardless of the voice you chose, it must stay consistent. Having a social media planner will also ensure that you dedicate equal time to each of your client’s online profiles.
What tips do you have for managing multiple clients successfully? Let us know!

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