Revamp Your Resume In Three Easy Steps

Resumes are at the forefront of any job search, especially now with on-line uploading. With so many people applying for the same job, standard resumes are getting lost in a big pile of applicants. If you haven’t had much success in the job market or are in need of a resume makeover, here are three easy steps to make your resume stand out.

1. Target audience
A resume should be tailored to your industry. The experience section of your resume should highlight complimentary jobs to the one you are applying for. If your experience is limited, listing relevant coursework is a great alternative. Relevant coursework should be listed as its own section including what you have accomplished for each class. For example:

Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Raised over $4,000 for CHOP Hospital through the implementation of a social media.
  • Managed a group of four and served as the point of client for the client

2. Quantify your job description
Providing a description of what you accomplished during the course of your job or internship supply’s the reader with the necessary back ground to determine if you are compatible for the position. The descriptions for each job should include one quantifiable result.  For example:

TARGET CORPORATION                                                           June 2012 —- August 2012
Executive Intern
·         Managed over 100 Team Members, improved stores overall operational score by .01percent.  

·         Improved RED card focus by 1.03; executed on-the- spot coaching.  

3. Spacing
An appeasing resume can be as stand out as the content it contains. Spacing and lines are a great way to break up a page; it can also make the difference between a resume that will get you an interview and one that will remain on a desk. Look below for an example of good resume spacing.

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