My First Event

This semester I am interning at the National Constitution Center, America’s first and only nonpartisan, nonprofit institution devoted to the Constitution. This Fall the big event was the Liberty Medal ceremony, honoring boxer and philanthropist Muhammad Ali. Seeing as this was my first internship, being able to participate in such a large scale event was an incredible experience. 

Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

When you watch an event on TV, you rarely think about what went into producing the event itself. I came into the NCC only a few weeks prior to the Liberty Medal, but in that short time I feel as though I’ve learned a semester’s worth. So much went into Liberty Medal, between logistics, tickets, media, speakers, etc. it was truly amazing to see all that the NCC pulled together and accomplished.

On the day of the Liberty Medal ceremony, my job was to escort press and basically make sure they were content. Going from knowing absolutely nothing about local press to meeting a lot of them, it was cool to be able to put a face to the voice of some of the people I hear on the radio, read in the paper or see on TV during the news. 

During the day, going into the night, no one was ever doing nothing. Every one had their own job and assignments, which really made the entire program run as seamlessly as possible. It was amazing to watch my supervisors manage all of the craziness that typically goes on before, during and after an event. I never saw them even break a sweat, something that’s unimaginable for me as an intern. Looking back on it, I think it’s important to remember that everything works out in the end and that it just slows you down to dwell on the small things, something that the PR team at the NCC has mastered. 

The best part of the night was getting to actually watch the ceremony and really appreciate all of the work my colleagues went through to pull off such a great event. If you haven’t yet seen photos from the Liberty Medal ceremony, you can check them out here

What was your first event like? What knowledge did you walk away with?

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