PR Runs On…

Study after study shows that PR professionals consume the most coffee among other professions. One study done in early 2011 ranked PR/Marketing pros in the top 10 of coffee drinkers. Since then, we’ve upped the ante now ranking a solid number two on the coffee consuming scale.

It’s no secret that the field of public relations calls for a lot of productivity and can be very fast paced. So before you turn to that second, third, or fourth cup of coffee, try adopting these tips for productivity:
1. Plan your week and day out ahead of time: A huge part of staying productive is knowing what needs to be done when and how much time you can commit to it. Keep your weekly planner up to date and try to be as organized as possible. Implementing a color coding system will save you the task of later having to organize your planner!
2. Be realistic: In a perfect world, you would be able to send out every pitch, press release, and return every email all in the span of one work day. In practice, when your to-do list is taller than you are, some things will have to take a backseat. Focus on the things that you can, and ask for help when needed. Teamwork makes the dream work, so don’t feel the need to get everything done solo.
3. Sleep: Coffee is not the cure for sleep depravation. At some point, you need to sit the work (and coffee) aside to allow your body time to rejunvinate. A rested mind is a productive mind.
4. Take time off: One way to guarantee a lack of producitivty in your life is to obsess about being productive. Focus on other interests and hobbies outside of work and give your mind a chance to unwind!

Do you fit the PR coffee statistic? Or have you found other ways to stay productive? Let us know!

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