Welcome to PRowl!

The semester has officially commenced! PRowl held it’s first weekly meeting yesterday afternoon with many returning faces along with a few new ones. Everyone seems extremely excited to begin work with our new as well as returning clients. After such a successful meeting, I am really looking forward to a fun-filled semester.

I would like to give a shout out to our newest staff members here at PRowl Public Relations. You will be seeing their first few blog posts in these upcoming weeks so make sure to familiarize yourself with their names:
Madeline Barry
Tessa Cohn
Cara Graeff
Kadesha Holder 
Virginia Laskowski
Nicole Leo
Ciara Montero 
Antinnea Skipwith 
Welcome to PRowl ladies, here’s to a wonderful new experience!
Interested in joining PRowl? Stay up to date with this blog for future opportunities and openings within the firm!

1 thought on “Welcome to PRowl!

  1. Welcome to the firm, girls! I look forward to reading your blogs and staying up-to-date with future PRowl accomplishments!


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