How to Get a Letter of Recommendation

Obtaining a letter of recommendation for an internship, scholarship, or study abroad program can be difficult when you are in a lecture of 200 or even in a small classroom. Although most academic involved programs require a letter of recommendation from a professor, a mentor may be another viable option. The following tips are to help you approach a professor or a mentor to obtain a letter of recommendation.  

If you have no professor or mentor in particular, start in a small classroom setting. It is easier to get to know a professor when you are not competing with 199 other students. It is also important to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation once you have submitted an assignment; this is so your recommendation will honestly attest to your work and give your professor or mentor something to discuss in your letter.
If you have made a relationship with a professor,   ask appropriately. Give your mentor or professor plenty of time to write your letter. Supply them with your resume and background of the award, internship, or study abroad program to assist them in content.
If your professor or mentor agrees to write you a letter make sure you write them a thank you note. It is also very important to follow up with them to notify if you got the award/internship or have been accepted to a study abroad program.

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