Preparing #NOLA for Tropical Storm Isaac

Seven years later, Hurricane Katrina is still fresh in the minds of many residents of New Orleans, not to mention the rest of the world. This time around for tropical storm Isaac, the city of New Orleans will make no mistake in being as prepared as humanely possible for the storm expected this Tuesday. By creating a website for residents to consult for emergency protocol and up-to-date information regarding the storm, as well as a Twitter account for instant updates, New Orleans is gearing up for Isaac. 

Positives: In the days leading up to when Isaac is scheduled to touch down, the NOLA Twitter page has been churning out update upon update, keeping residents in the loop, something that the city failed to do during Hurricane Katrina. Tweets from the account have included links to websites designed to educate the people of New Orleans, as well as respond to those worried about evacuating their homes. 
Negatives: While the tweets and messages have been very informative, the priority at hand is to save lives. It’s important to make clear that everything the government is doing is for the people so that residents can instill trust in their city’s leaders. The city should also keep in mind who their audience is. Many residents do not rely on the internet for breaking news, but rather the radio. The government should spread their message in such a way that the most people will receive news in the largest magnitude. 
What other improvements do you think New Orleans should make in preparation for Isaac? Let us know!

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