What a new logo can do for your brand

A new logo can say more about your business to an audience than any advertisement. A logo can provide a connection for a consumer, it can be like putting a face to a name. It can even provide an identity for your brand. Or, like Microsoft, you may want to consider changing your logo when you have a reputation, who after 25 changed their logo.

A logo should be a mirror of your brand and your mission. It should represent the culture in which you are immersed and a projection of your audience.
Changing just the font and/or color can say a lot about the direction of your brand. Color can represent an audience that you are trying to appeal to. For example Microsoft ‘s new four colored logo square are a representation of,”…the diversity of our (Microsoft’s) products and the diversity of people that we serve, “ says Jeff Hansen,  Microsoft’s general manager of brand strategy.
If it is not about your client’s logo, how about your own personal logo? Creating and developing a logo for business cards or personal letterhead can be a real stand-out in the job market. Designing logo can be as simple as using a consistent font or color scheme for all your literature.

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