5 Useful Apps For PR Pros

Today marks my one week anniversary with my iPhone 4, and I don’t know how I’ve managed life without it! Being able to access the world with a swipe of my finger allows me to multitask, organize, and communicate like never before. Smart phones have definitely become a necessity to anyone who needs to be able to email, tweet, and share information on the go. Here are 5 smart phone apps that will help make every PR pros life a little easier:
1. Pulse: If you love staying current and getting live updates from all of your favorite publications, then Pulse is the app for you. Pulse allows you to make a live news stream featuring articles and headlines of interest to you. 
2. Dropbox: Dropbox allows you to share and store files on your computer, phone, and on the web. This app is perfect for anyone who needs to access lots of documents, photos, or files without taking up a ton of space on one device.
3. JotNot Pro: Jotnot Pro converts the camera on your smartphone into a scanner. Even when you are out of the office, you can scan documents and send them out via your smart phone.
4. World Card: Are you always exchanging business cards with other professionals but haven’t found an effeciant way to store your new contacts? World card converts the information from any business card to a storable contact in your phone. You can even save an image of the business card to help jog your memory.
5. White Noise: If you find that your profession causes you to travel often, this app is perfect to prevent sleepless nights. White Noise can help you block out noise in any setting.
What smart phone apps do you use the most? Let us know!

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