Resume Refresher

It is hard to believe the beginning of the semester is right around the corner. Although you may not have classes for the next couple of weeks, this is the time to finish applying for fall internships. This may be the first time you have applied for an internship, or, it may be your third time. No matter what, one thing to remember when applying for internships is to always update your resume.

Since it may have been awhile since you last edited and updated your resume, here are some great refreshers to keep in mind:

1. Sell It, Don’t Tell It: Don’t simply state facts. Promote it, advertise it and make sure you draw attention to it.

2. Focus On The Big Things: When deciding what to put in your resume make sure to focus on new things and major projects. You want to pick out the most important things you were responsible for and how well you did them.

3. Make It Easy To Read: It is easy for resumes to become distracting with its structure and content. Make sure to keep it nice and simple.

4. Be Truthful: Don’t make up skills and qualifications just because you think it will get you the job. Honesty is always the best policy.

5. Be Confident: In order to succeed at anything at life, confidence is a must. Your resume should reek of confidence because you wrote it to sell you and highlight your qualifications and your success.

Good luck!

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