Giving Constructive Criticism The Right Way

No matter how organized or efficient you are when working solo, it’s important that you also be able to cooperate, collaborate, and work with a team. Depending on the client, public relations work can often call for having all hands on deck. When this happens, it’s important that members of a team not only be there to support each other, but also help one another grow and perfect their skills and specialties. There is no better way to do this than by giving constructive criticism. When you decide to give constructive feedback to your coworkers, it’s important that you keep these points in mind so that the advice can be received the way you intend it to.

Get to the point: Don’t add a bunch of meaningless fluff to your critique. The purpose of constructive criticism is to point out what needs to be improved on. Make the necessary points, include suggestions, and move on.

Be Helpful: Don’t just provide a checklist of changes and errors. Always include possible suggestions so that the recipient knows how they can move forward in a more positive direction.

Perception is everything: Constructive criticism is often seen as negative because the comments were perceived to be negative. Be aware of your tone and approach. Don’t come off too strong, or seeming to have all of the answers. Your goal is to help – keep that in mind before you make your comments.

Take as well as you give: Once you feel you are able to effectively give constructive criticism, prepare for the tables to be reversed. Don’t take offense when someone turns the tables and gives you tips to improve upon your own skills. Process the comments given to you, and apply them when possible.

How do you feel is the best way to give constructive criticism? Let us know!

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