Landing Your Dream Internship

As public relations students we love to make lists are all over my desk are lists: to do, to make, to buy, but my most important list is posted right next to my desk, my dream internship list. Everyone has one, the internship you would love to have and start doing what you ultimately want to do with your career before you even graduate! At the end of June, I was lucky enough to land my dream internship, working in the Development department at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia for the fall semester. This did not fall into my hands by any means, I got the internship by being proactive and knowledgeable of the company and position I wanted.

Proactivity- One must know when internship openings are posted and then mark those dates on your calendar! Being one of the first to send in your resume and cover letter shows genuine interest in the position and company.  Also, you will be one of the first to interview and make that lasting impression.  If you wait too close to the due date to apply, there is a strong possibility the position will be filled. The Wilma posted their internship positions around May and I had all of my information sent in and an interview lined up for June very quickly. I landed the internship by the end of June, leaving me stress-free for the remainder of the summer.  Another reason why being proactive is very important for landing your dream internship is because, well, the internship posting may be up! Your dream company could have nothing listed, but this does not mean it does not exist. Reach out and contact the company, see if they have anything available and if you could come in for an interview. You may have beat them to the punch and reached out before it was posted or they may not advertise it heavily, either way, your proactivity shows the true passion and determination of someone who will be a great intern!
Knowledge- If this is your dream internship, make sure you know the ins and outs of the company. Know their mission statement, clients, past events and their story.  In your cover letter as well as during your interview it helps to bring up key points pertaining to the company to show you truly care and are invested in what could be your potential internship! Throughout this past spring semester and summer, I followed the Wilma Theater very closely, reading play reviews, their website, and following them on social media. By having extensive background knowledge, I could ask and answer specific questions about what I was interviewing for as well as the company as a whole. 
What is your dream internship and how are you going to land it?

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Brianna Rooney.

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