PRSSA National PRSSA Conference 2012, Why You Should Attend.

For all of my fellow undergrads, the start of the fall session is just around the corner. Meetings and events for all of our professional organizations will also soon resume. Additionally, if you are an aspiring public relations professional and a member of PRSSA, which you should be, conference is also just around the corner. For many of us, this means we will soon need to decide whether or not we will be attending.

This year, the PRSSA National Conference will be hosted in San Francisco, California. The conference is four days long and is set to offer a plethora of well known and what I believe to be promising keynote speakers and guests. However, the question remains, what are YOU getting of it, and why should YOU attend? Below are a few reasons why I believe attending this year’s conference and other professional conferences while in college are important:

  1. You get to see ‘real’ professionals in action.
  2. You will be provided with a better understanding of what is current and what is trending in your field.
  3. You will get to see people in your field excited about their work. Hopefully, in turn, this will excite you for your hopefully soon-to-be future.
  4.  The more conference presentations you observe, the better you will become at giving presentations.
  5. You get to network. Maybe you will meet your future employer or even your next business partner. The possibilities are ultimately endless. Additionally, see if the conference you are attending needs volunteers. Volunteers sometimes get extra opportunities and discounted rates on conference fees.

In all, I am determined to attend conference this year and I hope you plan on attending too. Will you be attending conference this year, and if so why do you believe it will be beneficial?

Additionally, if you haven’t checked out the conference website or wish to register, follow the link below.

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