The Social Celeb

When it comes to social media, how celebrities use their accounts is really no different than the rest of the world. However, their communities, reach and relevance is much more prevalent and on a much larger scale.
When a celebrity tweets or makes a status update it is literally “heard” around the world. Celebrities can use this personal PR tool to provide their fans and followers with a more intimate look into their lives. When used correctly, social media can be powerful and instrumental in taking relationships, engagement and establishing connections to a higher level. The growing use of social media among people in the public-eye is bringing them closer to their fans.
Celebrities utilizing social media can be dangerous though. Since it is an instant form of PR placed directly in the hands of the individual, the reality is that celebs have a lot to lose if they don’t use discretion with their social media accounts.
Here are some positive ways celebrities have used social media to their advantage:
          Connect on a personal level with fans and followers
          Rally community support for a good cause
          Increase awareness on a certain public issue
          Drive sales
          Promote contests and giveaways
          Announce private news before it goes public
Can you think of other ways that celebs can get the most out of their social media profiles? Let us know!

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