Social Media And The Olympics.

Social Media has created quite the stir for the 2012 Olympics. Many of us around the globe follow our favorite athletes on Twitter and like them on Facebook. Originally, the Olympics were covered in and you received updates via print. After the invention of the television, the Olympics, beginning in 1964, were broadcasted live all over the world. However, today, many of us now stay tuned in through Twitter, Facebook and other social sites. The infographic below highlights a more in depth look at the history of how the Olympics were previously covered and how social media has effected its coverage. 
Assuming you are subscribed to as least one social site, you have probably come across tweets or posts about the 2012 Olympics. If so, how are you following the Olympics and are you following any specific athletes?

2 thoughts on “Social Media And The Olympics.

  1. Now in sort time Olympic was held in London and many people will love to watch this games. Social media played vital role to promote this games. People can get regular updates with the help of it.

    Russell Solomon

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