Lessons from Jury Duty

I found out yesterday that I have been summoned for Jury Duty. Actually, as you all read this post, I’m probably sitting in a court room, hoping that I haven’t been called! When I first heard my panel called I was frustrated. I have a job! I don’t have time to just sit idle in a court house! But like any situation, the best thing you can do is make your experience positive and learn for it. It just so happens that I came upon an article on OPEN Forum: “5 Lessons From Jury Duty”. Below is what I took away from the article:

  • When put on the spot, people tend to be honest: Most people look down upon jury duty as a nuisance, me included! We figure that only those who don’t have a demanding career would actually voluntarily endure jury duty by telling the truth, but its quite the opposite. Whether you’re interviewing someone, looking to potentially hire an employee, or just simply communicating with other professionals, you’ll find that they will be honest and tell the truth when the lime light is on them. 
  • Keep an open mind: This goes for practically anything that you put your hands in. In court, you have to keep an open mind, because you could be holding someone’s life in your hands, and the worst thing you can do is make assumptions according to your personal views. For example, if you’re right a strategic plan, taking the time to look at the big picture will allow you be more flexible in changes from your client, rather than feeling cornered into straying from your personal preference.
  • Most people are very different from you: Your way is not the highway. On your jury panel, you’ll see a variety of people in different walks of life. This is great practice for the real world. You can’t assume that everyone shares the same views and ideas that you have. Assuming this will only harbor miscommunication, which ultimately leads to inefficiency.
Have you ever served on jury duty? What did you take from it? Let us know!

1 thought on “Lessons from Jury Duty

  1. I was just picked to be on a jury last month. I really liked it besides the whole jury selection process. I have never had jury duty before this so I didn't know what to expect. The best part was when the nurse expert witness was on the stand. She was the only witness we got to see because the case was settled shortly after. After leaving on the last day I felt great, like I did something good. I am actually looking forward to the next time I get summoned for jury duty.

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