Practicing PR On The Job

Summer is a little more than half over, and that means it’s was time to start thinking about a job for the fall semester. Though ideally I would rather take on two internships than a job, the fact of the matter is I need a source of income while at school. At first I was discouraged at the fact that I would not be able to work at a place that would benefit my area of study; but the more I considered my possibilities the more I realized that more often than not ones typical “after school job” is actually extremely beneficial to a career in the public relations industry. Below are just a few of the correlations I found between typical student jobs and work in the public relations field. 

Restaurants: Working in the food service industry gives you many skills that you can use in any field of study. P Although the issues may not be on the same scale, the skill set used is very similar. Through my own experiences I have learned how to remain calm with a customer in stressful situations, and handle the situation in a way that is practical for all parties involved. 

Secretarial Jobs: Working as a secretary can also give you skills that will aid you for a future in the public relations industry. Answering calls and scheduling appointments are valuable skills that can be transferable to any industry. Secretarial jobs also teach one to be organized and efficient when handling another person’s schedule, because they are relying on you to be consistent and thorough. 

Retail: Working in retail is very applicable to the public relations industry because it teaches one good customer service. On top of that, working in retail allows one to utilize their skills of persuasion. Convincing customers to buy a certain product can give you the same experience as convincing someone to see your point of view, or convincing someone to attend an event. These skills are directly transferable to the PR industry. 

Any Job: As we all know, the single most important aspect of any public relations professional’s job is to network. Therefore, with any part time job, you should take advantage of the opportunity to connect with new people. Network with your co-workers, and keep a good rapport with your managers. You never know when you will meet the person that has the key to your success in the industry!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Lexi Drexler

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