Always Mind Your Manners

One of my biggest pet peeves in the professional world is when I see people around my age who don’t use proper manners in a business setting. We all learned what good manners are from our parents and school teachers, however business etiquette is a lot more than the “please and thank you” of your peanut-butter-and-jelly days.
Business manners are certainly not a popular topic covered by today’s media outlets but that doesn’t make them any less important. Manners express a sense of respect and courtesy no matter what setting you are in. They are genderless and simple. Manners may even determine if you get the job or not.
Here are some tips to refresh your business etiquette skills:
Shaking Hands: Always look the person in the eye and make sure your handshake is not too firm or not too soft. Be confident.
Holding the Door: Rule of thumb – the first person at the door should hold it open.
Introductions: Introduce a lower-ranking person to a higher-ranking person. Always apologize if you forget someone’s name.
Telephone Calls/Emails: Return calls immediately and reply to emails within one business day. This shows respect.
Texting: No matter what the situation it is ALWAYS rude and inconsiderate to text during a meeting or conversation.
Business Hours: Everyone needs time away from office life. Unless you have a dire emergency, contact people during the hours of nine to five PM only.
Co-Workers: You spend a lot of time with them; why not get to know them?
Private Conversations: Keep them private, plain and simple.
Please & Thank You: No matter how old you are, these words should always be a part of your every day vocabulary.
What are other manners you live by in your professional life? Let us know!

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