Irrive, The New Way To Travel Socially

Have you heard of the new social site which allows you to “weave all of your tweets, posts and check-ins into a sharable story”? Steve Cohn, founder of Living Social, who has since sold the company is beta testing a website called Irrive. Irrive, is a visual story of your travel. It views like a social scrap booking application like Pinterest or Flipboard, allowing you to integrate your photos, video clips,but differs by also including social media posts and narrative in real time. The posts, pictures, video clips and narratives are then turned into one beautiful, streamlined “TripPage”. Each “TripPage” has its own unique URL that your friends and family can then follow. All of your “TripPages” are added to your dashboard where you can relive past all of your past and plan your future trips. Below is a screen shot from the website.

I just signed up for a beta trial and cannot wait to use it for my next trip. Have you signed up yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

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