Paving the Way with the Mission Statement

When you visit any company’s website, one of the first things you’ll come across is their mission statement. A mission statement tells the public about the purpose of the company or organization and serves as a guide for the actions of the organization at large. But writing a mission statement can sometimes be challenging. Just like a tweet, condensing the ideas and purpose of your company into a small blurb is often time consuming. Below are some tips on crafting a mission statement:
Ask and answer the right questions: Of course you want to answer the question of what the purpose of your company is, but you also want to touch on how your company does it and why. Why is your company different from the other companies in your market?
Be succinct and be clear: You don’t need to write a novel to get your point across. Keep your statement as short as possible so that prospective clients and customers can walk away with your company in their mind. Part of accomplishing this is also being clear; is your message understandable?
Be inspirational: Your mission statement shouldn’t only inspire the public, but also your employees, so that they can look back on the mission statement and know which direction to take.
Match the statement with the company: A quality mission statement should be in the voice of its respective company. This is a great way to be creative while also setting the tone of how your business will be run.
Does the company you work for have a mission statement? How does it guide your company? Let us know!

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