Enjoy Summer Without Breaking The Bank

Interning in New York City has taught me many things this summer; one of them being how to be frugal.  When you don’t have a paid internship (I think we all at some point have to feel this pain), it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice fun. Whether you are in Philadelphia, New York City, or another major metropolitan area, there are a number of free and affordable things to do. Here are some tips for enjoying the summer on a tight budget:

Visit your local library:. Most of us haven’t stepped foot in a library for fun since elementary school, but don’t count your library out. Keep in mind they have free reading, workshops, classes, exhibits, and even movie nights. This is also a chance to meet others from your town and practice your networking skills! 

-Check out local museums and zoos:. Most museums and zoos have free admission on certain days, and many museums have a “suggested admission price.” Be sure to check the museum and zoos websites for special prices and events. 

Utilize Groupon and Livingsocial: These websites are a great way to do more and spend less. I’ve gotten many haircuts, massages, discounted, and free admissions through these programs. If you have a Smartphone, these apps are a necessary download. They also have great detailed websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate. 

Look for student discounts: Just because you aren’t on campus doesn’t mean your student ID is useless. Many places offer discounted prices with the presentation of a student ID. Try and visit these venues first.

Be sure to give these tips a try, and let us know what your favorite free or discounted adventures are this summer! 

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations’ staff member Katherine Carpenter

1 thought on “Enjoy Summer Without Breaking The Bank

  1. I just downloaded living social! Super excited. To try it out thanks for sharing.

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