Summertime Job Hunting

So you’ve just graduated college in May and you’re finding yourself jobless. You wonder to yourself, and anyone who will listen, where are all the jobs?! Take a deep breath, because nows the time. Below are reasons why summertime is the perfect time to go job hunting:

  • Summer is a slower season: For PR, this really depends. For those companies that focus around one yearly event or find themselves with a higher volume of work during the year, this is prime time to apply. Potential employers will have more time to schedule interviews and take the time to train you if and when you’re hired. 
  • Jobs do exist: It’s hard to believe especially when only a small percentage of young people are getting hired, but its true. Put yourself out there, because the 78th job application you send out could be your ticket to a job.
  • Unexpected networking opportunities: People love to socialize during the warmer months. Barbeques, lunches, and get-togethers are a great time to meet other professionals. You never know who you’ll run in to!
  • Summer is an easier transition period: Things are usually slower in the summer, which allows you to get into the groove of how things work around the office without the hustle and bustle of the calendar year.
Have you landed a job this summer? How did you get motivated? Let us know!

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