Mastering The Phone Call

An efficient career in PR has become heavily reliant on ones ability to craft the perfect email, perfect attention grabbing social media blast, and the USB press kit. In a world filled with typing, the ability to effortlessly speak actual words aloud can become lost. There are a few things you should keep in mind for a flawless phone conversation, and by using these easy tips you may think twice before emailing your next pitch.

Get the details, before you dial the number. Know the proper title and pronunciation of the name of the individual you need to speak with. Before you pick up the phone, know exactly what information you wish to gain from the conversation and what information you need to communicate to the individual you are contacting. 

Make a plan, and write it down. Often you know exactly what you want to say, but simple distractions can have you stuttering and stumbling over your words. Unexpected questions can catch you of guard so instead of mumbling a made up answer, ask for a moment so that you may ensure the information you give them is up to date and accurate.

Use your manners, be polite and stay professional. Limit your use of “yea” and rather use “yes.” Be humble, if the individual you are speaking with is disrespectful or difficult, do not give in to harsh words. Rather rise above their own ill manners and do your best to get the basic information you needed.  

If you can efficiently, accurately, and pleasantly deliver your message to your audience, there is a greater chance of building a positive relationship with that individual or public. Being personable places a voice behind future email correspondence. Speaking up will encourage a relationship that is more likely to be long lasting, personal, and pro-active. 

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Emily Storz

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