Tried & True PR Rules for the Age of Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up on a social media whirlwind, when working in the PR industry. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., all of these sites are taking more and more of an important stance in the world. We’re taught to utilize social media, and it’s no surprise when we find ourselves relying on technology. But the truth is, new is not always better. Below are tips to avoid social media blunders by falling back on the tried and true:

  1. Build personal relationships: It’s important to connect with journalists and bloggers via social media. But how many times do you remember pitches you received via the computer over personal ones? You are more likely to retain information you have heard in person, not to mention make more of an impression on the journalist you are trying to gain coverage from. While you shouldn’t nix social media, try to reach out during events by asking the host for their media list and personally connecting with journalists and bloggers. 
  2. Make every contact worthwhile: Press releases pitched over Twitter are equivalently received as spam. Reach out to contacts individually, and offer and “exclusive”. Journalists are far more likely to pick up a story when they’re the first and when the topic is the most newsworthy.
  3. Never make social media your crisis response bureau: Social media is a great tool during a crisis. It can help you to get the message out quickly and to a wide audience. But don’t make Twitter your only crisis response. Gather up a crisis response team who will be able to create the most effective response plan possible, and who will be able to minimize mixed signals and negative press.
What are some old school PR tactics that you find yourself using in today’s day and age? Do you have anything to add? Let us know!

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