Summer; Your Time To Get Ahead

Classes are out and you are just starting to get comfortable at your new internship or job. Between work, the beach and other travels you probably haven’t set much time aside to think about your plans for next fall. Although the fall semester seems far down the road in your summertime mindset, it is actually rapidly approaching. There is no better time than now to do a few simple things in your spare time to help advance your professional career during the summer season and to prepare you for the upcoming school year.
Here are some things to put on your summer to-do list that the PRSSA blog, Progressions, suggested:
          Update your résumé: Being able to make changes and updates when you aren’t on a deadline to apply for an internship or job allows you to think clearly and spend more time than usual on perfecting it. You also may want to take this free time to gather portfolio materials and compile a list of your accomplishments.
          Catch up on the news: Staying updated on industry news will help to keep you on top of current events and trends. This will be useful in your classes and when applying to jobs and internships.
          Build your professional network: Be sure to meet up with individual co-workers for activities, such as lunch or coffee, outside of work if you are interning. If you didn’t get the chance to intern, make sure you stay up to date on PRSA/PRSSA events throughout the summer months to reach out to other PR professionals who may be end up being great connections for the future.
          Fine tune your personal brand: Set up a blog, use online tools to easily showcase your résumé to future employers, create or update your LinkedIn account. Create a professional Twitter or Facebook page, seperate from your personal ones. 
How else are you preparing for the new school year this summer? Let us know!

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