How To Keep Up With PR Over The Summer

Summer is now in full swing, and it’s a time for old friends, vacation, and relaxation, but also a time for work. While many of my fellow public relations friends have taken on internships in the city or are studying abroad, I have returned to my hometown where I am working at a local restaurant. Despite my unfortunate summer circumstances, I have brainstormed a few different ways for me, and others in a similar situation, to stay up to date with the public relations world over summer break!
  • Network Network Network- We all know that networking is one of the most important aspects of public relations. Don’t underestimate your ability to network in your hometown. Talk to everyone you know: your old teachers, family friends, and your bosses. You never know who will be able to help you out with something in the future. 
  • Stay informed: Over the summer, make sure you are staying informed on what is going on in the public relations industry. Subscribe to big PR websites like to stay in the loop of the latest public relations news. Staying connected will allow you to be well informed on public relations issues as well as give you topics to discuss in your classes when you return to school in the fall.
  • Expand your Social Media: Getting involved with social media is a great way to keep up with public relations. Over the summer do what you can to expand your personal social media platform. Follow major public relations firms and professionals on twitter. Try experimenting with new social media outlets like Pintrest.  Create a blog on Tumblr and write about your public relations experiences. Develop a Linkedin profile to connect with other professionals that you may know. 
This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Lexi Drexler

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