PR Writing: Revamping Your Quotes

A big part of writing the most effective press release you possibly can, is including quotes. Quotes are your chance to back up your words with a credible source and to even give a more personal touch, something that is not normally encouraged in news writing. Check out the following tips to improve your quotes:

Trash those lazy verbs: There is a kind of science behind including quotes; word them too corporate and it sounds contrived. But use buzzwords like revolutionary, virtually and etc. will annoy journalists. “We expect our new, revolutionary technology to not only leverage, but virtually sweep out competitors.” This quote serves no purpose in a press release, besides to take up useless space. Instead, try rewording your quote as: “We have heard our customer’s needs for a more reliable update to our mobile app. In response, we have fixed any bugs in our system and are confident in our title as the leading competitor in the mobile app market.” This way, you have both met your customer’s needs, as well as delivered it in a straightforward, understandable manner.

Keep it conversational: No one likes a phony. One of the biggest problems with quotes coming from the head honchos of major companies is that the audience knows that execs have “people” do write things for them. After all, who says “We expect our new, revolutionary technology to not only leverage, but virtually sweep out competitors?” Keeping your language conversational will foster a more trustworthy connection between your client and their audience.

Step up your interviewing skills: It’s hard to grab great quotes when you’re not interviewing your subject thoroughly enough. Make sure to hit the following points:

  • Anecdotes: a real-life example will bring a personal touch to your release and often catches the attention of readers. 
  •  Metaphors: how does your client’s product compare to something that is familiar to your audience? 
  • Listen for crossroads and epiphanies: does your client have a rags to riches story? A journey to reach where they are now? 

Do you ever have trouble finding good quotes to include in your release? Do you have any tips to add? Let us know!

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