What I’ve Gained as a Member of PRowl PR

As the semester has just come to a close, and everyone is starting their summer breaks, I have had some time to think about my past semester as a member of the PRowl staff. Being a member of PRowl has been a truly positive experience for me as a freshman in college and has provided me with many beneficial skills and opportunities that I would not have received otherwise.
  • A Leg Up in Classes: Being a freshman public relations major, I had absolutely no experience with any type of public relations writing. As a member of PRowl, I was taught how to write PR documents such as press releases, media advisories, blog posts, and instruction sheets. Having the opportunity to learn how to write these documents outside of the classroom made the transition to academic writing much easier.
  • A Networking Opportunity: As any public relations professional would tell you, one of the more important aspects of public relations is networking. As a staff member of PRowl, I was exposed to a whole networking community. Being a staff member allowed me to connect with other PR majors in my school. It also allowed me to form relationships with older PR majors that were in turn able to aid me in my work as a staff member as well as my other schoolwork.  
  • Real World Experience: Perhaps the most beneficial opportunity that I gained from my work on the PRowl staff was the opportunity to gain real world Public Relations experience.  The real world experience that I gained from being on staff will aid me when I apply for internships and jobs in the future. It will be something I can add to my resume, a conversational topic during interviews, and will put me ahead of other peers applying for the same position. 
This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Lexi Drexler

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