Dear 18 Year-Old Me

As I begin to write my final PRowl blog post as a now Temple alum, I can’t help but reflect on my last four years. I had an amazing college experience thanks to my family, friends, professors and student organizations I was a part of.  I wish someone would have given me some advice when I started that I have now learned along the way. Here are the top five tips I have for students just beginning:
  1. Love thy self: I know this is a cliché but self-confidence does go a long way. As someone who is usually her own worst enemy, I’ve found that the power of confidence and positive energy can change everything. Be your biggest cheerleader and do whatever it takes to make yourself better. If daily affirmations or a 12 mile run work for you, then routinely do it. No one is in your way but you. 
  2. Love thy enemy: You will come across certain people who may be just as talented as you. You will probably want to hate them because they are your competition. However, I can tell you from experience, two is better than one and three is better than two. Find the genuinely gifted, motivated people and unite forces. You will become unstoppable and they will be your greatest support system. 
  3. One step at a time: Taking giant leaps usually leads to falling flat on your face. Everything is a matter of baby steps. Do things on your own time, not anyone else’s. Be spontaneous but make decisions that will make YOU happy and impact your life positively. It is a marathon, not a sprint. 
  4. Pay it forward: I have had some amazing role models, starting with my parents to cousins, older students and professors. Take the time out to mentor others and guide them to their own path. Take every opportunity you’ve been given and make one for someone else.  It is one of the most rewarding feelings and makes all of your obstacles worth it.
  5. When all else fails, find Dr. Suess: My favorite book is Dr. Suess’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go.” I suggest taking your next pay check and buying a copy. It is a simple story that reminds us to fight fiercely for our dreams and always puts life in perspective for me. When you are at your lowest, go back to being a kid.  Find a swing, fly a kite or watch a Disney classic. Do whatever your favorite childhood activity was. It helps to relax and remind you that it’s just life; no one gets out alive anyways. 
My college years hold the most precious memories that cannot be replaced. Remember that the moments are more important than the A+ or three executive board positions. Thank you my PRowl Public Relations family for an incredible start to my career and best of luck in the future! 
This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations alumni Alex Crispino.

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