How are you making ‘cents’ of money?

Hello, fellow aspiring public relations professionals! This is my first post on the PRowl blog as the Director of Finances. When I initially applied for the position, I hadn’t really thought about how becoming director of finances would diversify my experience and skill set as a public relations major. Although I didn’t realize it then, it already has.

As the Director of Finances for PRowl Public Relations I am responsible for sending clients invoices, depositing and withdrawing funds, maintaining our financial account, developing donation letters, and finding new and resourceful ways to finance our firm. Learning how to handle money early on is an invaluable skill in the business world. Future employers will appreciate your ability as a young public relations professional to be able to not only communicate well but to also understand money. As a future account executive or staff member, you may be responsible for handling a certain amount of money. Your future employers will want to know that you will understand how to manage their money appropriately.

Aside from being a public relations major, I am also a business major. In the business school, we are required to take lower level courses which include a finance course as well as two accounting courses. These courses have taught me how to balance finances, and how to invest finances in order to receive a respectable return. I highly encourage every public relations student to take as many business courses as possible. I especially encourage taking courses concerning finances because in the end, it will make you more marketable as an aspiring public relations professional.

It is said that ‘money makes the world go around’. If this is true, how are you making ‘cents’ of money?

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