#WhatShouldWeCallMe? My Last Blog Post!

As this is my last post for the PRowl blog, I find myself looking back on the semester and the hard work myself and the rest of the PRowl team has done to provide readers with useful, informative posts. Aside from professionalism, blogs can be entertaining as well (Gasp!). My final post will focus on one of my favorite blogs and the laughs it has given me (most of the time in public) during study and homework breaks, or after a long day at the internship.

The Tumblr blog, #WhatShouldWeCallMe has taken Twitter and Facebook shares by storm, providing .gifs (moving bitmap images) that take popular culture images and poke fun at common life moments that we can all relate to. After viewing a few of these Tumblr posts (or 50), I questioned who actually made these and how they acquired such an impressive follow base. A Forbes article answered at least one of my questions about the #WhatShouldWeCallMe founders and why they created the site.

Two 24-year-old Law students that spent four years of their college lives together as roommates and were unsure how they would keep their inside jokes alive when they moved 3,000 miles away from each other. Instead of explaining how they felt through email chats, they would send these little .gifs to entertain each other. In the interview, they explained that the images are usually funny by themselves, but with an unrelated caption, it is even funnier. Both women operate differently when deciding how to caption and find these .gifs, and even though ads have started to surface on the site, they still want it to be solely a place for others to enjoy their inside jokes.

Clearly the site has gained Internet fame without even really trying. Just a month after the blog was created, it gained more than 50,000 followers, getting in between one and two million pages views per day. Read the full interview here as I leave you with my current favorite, just in time for the end of final season.  

“After my Last Final”
What is your favorite .gif? Have you seen this blog before?

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