You’re Hired!

No successful company has reached the top without the support of a great team. But hiring a quality team to help you reach your goals isn’t as simple as putting out an ad in the Classifieds. Below are a few tips to guide your employee search via “5 Hiring Tips From the NFL Draft“:

Are you filling a hole or drafting the best player available? The saying that power comes in numbers is sometimes true; but be careful that you aren’t settling just to make a hiring quota. Remember: quality, not quantity. It’s more important to hire one fantastic, driven employee than to settle for two that aren’t in for the long run.

Make sure they are coachable. It’s one thing to hire someone who is inexperienced, but eager and open to learning new things. A rookie with the drive to take things into his/her own hands or to be the best they can be is more valuable than a seasoned employee who is unwilling to adopt new ideas. Part of hiring an employee is getting a sense of not only who they are, but who they can be.

Find someone that loves your game. Passion is often underrated. Passion excites and encourages people to be creative. Creative team members will take your company far and create an atmosphere of success. 

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut. Part of the reason for holding an interview is to get a sense of what a person is like and they will fit into your organization. If your gut is telling you that this person belongs, the great. If you’re getting an off feeling, then maybe you should think twice about hiring them. But be weary about trusting your gut, because an interview is only a sneak peak and you may have caught them on an off day.

Look for players who can play multiple positions. A renaissance man is someone who is strong in multiple realms. This is someone you want to hire. A potential employee who can speak French, has knowledge of Photoshop and is qualified for the job will be the person who can jump in at any given time and lend a helping hand. 

What do you look for in a potential employee? Do you value one quality over another? Let us know!

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