Nice Blog You’ve Got There! Now What?

Whether for personal interest or because of the many posts urging PR pros to create a company blog, you finally made one and it looks great! Brace yourself if you thought finding motivation to create the blog was difficult because the worst has yet to come: generating content. Yikes! The actual blogging part, believe it or not, requires hard work and a little compassion. To grab readers, your content must be consistent, creative and compelling.

You’ve found the motivation, so here are some tips to help find some inspiration:

Use your network: Imagine those outrageous questions from family members about your job. What is SEO? PR pros use spin and practice propaganda, right? Be patient for a moment and realize these are legitimate questions. People outside the communications field have similar questions and you have a golden opportunity to answer them on your blog.

Comments: Check if anyone has commented on your blog entries. If a reader took the time to give feedback, he or she probably enjoyed the entry. Check for patterns. Are readers commenting on blog entries pertaining to certain themes or subjects? If so, consider it relevant! Perhaps others have an interest in similar posts.

Consider your own queries: Perhaps you have a theory or a hunch and you’d like some evidence to make a case. Engage with your publics on social media by presenting a few questions. Later, you can blog about the results.

Google & Google Analytics: It seems a little basic, but you’d be surprised. Search some themes you’d like to cover or even try typing, “What should I blog about?” You can’t expect your blog topic to be staring you in the face, either. Read between the lines, thinking critically, and let the creative juices flow. Use Google Analytics to see which search questions direct people to your blog. If a blog entry previously demonstrated success, see how you might make a follow-up entry or a type of sequel.

Lastly, PRowl Public Relations staff members work collectively to produce daily blog entries and if you see a chance for collaboration, we say go with it! Think about who might be available for an interview or to feature as a guest blogger. Use the suggestions above for inspiration and sprinkle in some entries from your colleagues and watch those blog hits sky rocket!

 Do you have any other recommendations for generating compelling blog content? Let us know!

  This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Frank Kunkle.

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