Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Happy National Stress Awareness Month! If you’re anything like me… you’re probably living off of coffee, four hours of sleep, and the last remnants of sanity. Don’t worry though – the end is in sight! For many of us, classes are coming to an end, graduation is near, and it looks like there might actually be some light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to celebrate this special month-long “holiday,” here are some of my personal favorite tips for de-stressing. Feel free to comment with your own!
1. Laugh often. Your mom was right – it is life’s best medicine.
2. Take a walk. It’s important to get up, get moving, and soak up some sun!
3. Read a book. One that ISN’T on a syllabus. Get away from theories & read something you enjoy.
4. Write. Whether it’s a blog or a personal journal – get out your thoughts & frustrations.
5. Organize yourself. Make lists, take notes, set reminders to keep yourself on track.
6. Make a playlist. Jam out to your favorite songs. Sing loud & dance hard.
7. Tell yourself you can do anything. Give yourself daily affirmations. Like this girl.
8. Celebrate the little things. Got a good grade? Give yourself a high five.
9. Spend time with loved ones. They are your biggest support system.
10. Always remember, “this too shall pass.” Don’t sweat the small stuff – life always has a funny way of working itself out!

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