Tips to Tackle your Job Hunt

From experience, I know that looking for a job after graduation can seem like a full-time job in itself. Balancing classes, work, interning and everything else the tips I have outlined below really come in handy:

  • Be realistic. You know yourself and your skill set, keep them in mind when applying for jobs so that you can identify something you can actually offer the company.
  • Know what you want. While it isn’t uncommon that your first job will be one that you don’t want, narrow down your choices by looking for companies you like with positions you are actually qualified for, and apply.
  • Find a mentor. Especially if you are a recent graduate, a professor, advisor or someone close to you that can help you look over your writing samples, resume, cover letter, etc. can give you piece of mind and motivation to keep moving forward.
  • Approach companies. While most people choose not to do this, looking on a company’s website or making a few phone calls to a company you REALLY want to work for, could help set you a apart enough to get an informational interview and remembered if a spot opens up.

What tips have helped you in the job search? To read more tips click here.

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