New Standards to Revitalize the Future of Internships

With the recent scandal of an intern suing their employer for working the hours of a full-time employee without any pay, many internship companies are developing better internship programs to ensure that all students receive the most out of their learning experience. Here are some changes you should expect to develop in many internship programs over the next year.

Time to Get Paid: Because interns are now responsible for more work than years past, many companies are offering small stipends for interns to supplement their hard work and dedication. While not all companies will offer hourly wages, some will include daily stipends or monthly stipends to their interns.

Mentor Me: Internship mentors are essential to getting the most out of the internship. Companies want to make sure you are able to grow during your internship period and some are offering mentorship programs where students have the chance to interact with professionals on different levels within the business. This is a great way for interns to network and ask any questions they have about the industry.

No More Resume: Some companies in the market for such creative interns that they are requiring video submissions instead of resumes for the application process. Not only does this application process take time and creativity, it gives students a chance to show their personality and assets they would bring to the business.

Work from Home: More and more internships are becoming virtual. This type of internship can seem tricky, but is a great way to add onto a resume while balancing a busy schedule. Virtual internships are challenging because your only interaction with the management is via e-mail or telephone, but it is a great way to get experience while monitoring yourself instead of the employer.

Some of these changes may seem scary, but many businesses internship programs are developing because of them. Remember, as an intern it is important to be open minded and ready for any sudden change. In the end, these internship programs will benefit students and prepare them for the work industry.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Andrea Jordan.

1 thought on “New Standards to Revitalize the Future of Internships

  1. I want to add that, legally, interns must be paid unless the internship meets very strict guidelines. In order for an unpaid internship to be legally sound, interns must not do any work that would be done by a paid employee. This means that the intern not only shouldn't be fetching coffee and making copies–and most PR internships have long moved past this–but they also can't be doing any account work unless they are being paid. And they should be paid. Unfortunately, employers are taking advantage of students lack of knowledge on the topic.

    I would also strongly discourage a virtual internship. It is so important for interns to be in the office–there is more to learn than writing press releases. Social skills are so important, and it is a lot harder to learn them without that face time.

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