Temple University’s PRSSA Hosts Multi-School Mixer: Student Networking, Student Success!

Student networking is your future’s key to success! In this day and age, it is to your greatest advantage to network with people in the same field of interest, and where better to find them then at tonight’s PRSSA’s Multi-School Mixer? Located at The Field House from 7-9 p.m., come prepared to network with PRSSA members from Drexel, Monmouth, Rutgers, and Rowan chapters! Below are some pointers to keep in mind when you are networking tonight:

Be an open book. You will be bouncing ideas and information back and forth with the person you are networking with. Take advantage of this, use the other person as a test, is your idea or goal feasible? How can you achieve it? You never know, maybe that person will be able to connect you to someone who can make something happen!

Everyone’s in the same boat. Keep in mind that we’re all going to be students at this mixer. In most cases, everyone attending tonight will be there for the same reasons as you are! Remember: these are your peers! They’re all young, current, and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of PR.

-Gain referrals for possible job opportunities. Getting to know people in your field gives you even more ways of finding work and internship opportunities! Keeping a list of potential contacts may come in handy when you need a referral or connection to a certain aspect of PR. For instance, say you meet someone at this mixer who is holding an internship or job position that you want in your future. You may find that these people hold opportunities for you to get that position, which no social network or college class could ever find for you!

When initiating conversation in networking, it is important to begin on a human level of communication! Speak naturally and invitingly, and remember that meeting people now will allow open doors for you later in whichever realm of PR you dive into. We hope to see you tonight!

This guest blog was written by Temple University PRSSA member Chelsea Amirante.

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