Are Social Media Sites too Feminine?

With the growth of social media use and social networking over the past decade, it is easy to examine today which sites, if any, are geared towards a specific sex. A recent article from ABC News questioned social media sites and if they are too feminine for male users.

Surprisingly enough, while Facebook has an overwhelming following of 850 million men, they are more likely to “like” something and add friends, but not comment and interact with their “friends.” Women make up 58% of Facebook’s users and are doing most of the updating and commenting on their pages.

After I did my blog post about Pinterest and their lack of appeal for men, it was interesting to see the site Gentlemint, that is very much set up like Pinterest, but carries the tagline, “a mint of manly things.” The site logo features a man with a mustache, on top of the page where men can like or comment on items from food, sports, technology and alcohol.

Another male-friendly site that is generating a hefty income for the founder and his wife is The Art of Manliness blog. The tabs on the site are a Man’s Life, Dress & Grooming, Health & Sports, Manly Skills, Money & Career and Relationships & Family. They must be doing something right, with 8 million page views per month.

What do you think about the future of social media and gender-specific sites?

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