Branding Yourself with Online Portfolios

Since Fridays are the one day I have dedicated to searching and applying for jobs, I feel its fair to make every Friday a post with advice for everyone’s job search.

My latest project has been creating my online portfolio to stand out amongst the competition and make my work more accessible to potential employers. After reading several forums and articles on which platform is best to use – I have decided on Weebly, as its one of the few I can actually figure out how to use (!

Heather Huhman has quickly become one of my favorite resources for advice on anything ranging from networking tips to creating an online personal brand. While amidst the great “online portfolio platform debate,” I found a great presentation from Heather about how to create and maintain one’s personal brand. I have embedded the presentation below, however here are a few key highlights on online portfolios:

  • Build and design your online portfolio using a free content management system, such as WordPress, Weebly,, or VisualCV.
  • On the homepage, include a welcome message that is similar to a more generic version of your cover letter.
  • Create tabs for the following:
    • Resume page where visitors can download in PDF format (iPaper is a good app)
    • Portfolio page with an example of you work including graphic design, writing samples, class projects, case studies
    • Professional testimonials/recommendations
    • A link to your professional blog
    • A contact information page
  • For a good example of a student portfolio, click here.
  • Find ways to bring up parts of your online portfolio in face-to-face conversations by asking what their job and their day-to-day is like, while mentioning your interests and experiences at appropriate moments.

What other information do you have to share about online portfolios and they’re benefits during the job search? Let us know!

3 thoughts on “Branding Yourself with Online Portfolios

  1. It's not bad to do so. Actually it helps. Your online portfolios can be seen by different companies and might be interested in you. Such Online portfolios can be shared through LinkedIn Profiles. Career Confidential can help:

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