Dior Goes Digital

Christian Dior, one of the most recognizable couture fashion lines, goes digital with an online magazine.The brand recently suffered a major PR blow after former Dior director, John Galliano, gave a public anti-Semitic rant. The negative effects, including boycotting from major celebrities, resulted in an opportunity for Dior to expand to an online platform. The crisis communication band-aide was the idea that if Dior made the brand more easily accessible to fashion lovers through an online platform, the brand could possibly regain their integrity. 
Dior even took their social media platform a step further when they live streamed and tweeted its Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection from Paris Fashion Week through an intermediate blog. In their online magazine, they recapped their 2012 Spring/Summer Haute collection giving the 1940’s a millennial twist, sweeping foreign fashion and wowing home-bound fans.

Christian Dior’s Haute Spring Summer 2012 Collection 

Do you think fashion critics and celebrities are willing to forgive the nostalgic brand after making the line more accessible?

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