And the Oscar goes to…Twitter?

For the unlucky ones (like myself) that were stuck doing homework instead of watching the Oscars, little did we miss considering all one had to do was glance at a Twitter feed to know what was going on every minute of the special event.

From Angelina’s right leg, Jennifer Lopez’s revealing outfit and Ryan Seacrest’s ash shower, many noteworthy happenings during the awards were being discussed on social media. Here is a recap about what the world was commenting on during the show:

  • Probably the most popular thing on Twitter was the new handle, @AngiesRightLeg. Referring to the strong stance she took throughout the night where her right leg was very much pushed forward to accentuate the slit in her dress. The fake Twitter account apparently sent out mock posts to poke fun at the actress.
  • Many comments were directed towards Jennifer Lopez and her apparent wardrobe malfunction when she was presenting an award, supposedly exposing a little too much cleavage.
  • 62-year-old actress, Meryl Streep, won the third Oscar of her career for her work in The Iron Lady. She portrayed former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the film.
  • While The Artist earned Best Picture, Martin Scorsese’s Hugo was one of the most mentioned films according to Bluefin Labs. Since Hugo received it’s Oscar nomination, the film’s trailer has generated 2.2 million views of online trailers and clips.

According to Bluefin Labs, social media comments for the Oscars have tripled since last year with 3.4 million Oscar-related comments on Facebook and Twitter, up from 966,000 from the 2011 Academy Awards telecast. With that being said, Oscar producers will be able to generate a lot of advertising revenue in the years to come based on social media’s growing popularity.

Did you post on social media during the Oscars? What was your favorite trending topic?

To read more about the most-talked about topics on the big night, click here.

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