Getting the Most out of your LinkedIn Profile

Counting down the days until I graduate, my job search is well underway. While college seniors should be taking advantage of this, the website is relevant even if you aren’t looking for a job after graduation. Use these tips to make the site the best professional networking tool for you.

  • Writing. LinkedIn profiles are full of text if filled out with your complete work experience, which means there is always room for editing. Make your summary like an objective of a resume, short and to the point. Also, when writing the descriptions for your positions, use the same language you would in your resume and reach out to past supervisors that are on the site to write you a recommendation.
  • Groups. There are more than enough groups for you to use as resources on LinkedIn. Once you join these groups, you can manage the amount of emails they send you with discussion updates and job postings. Groups such as InternQueen, PR Daily, #PRintern and YoungPRPros are useful to start out with, as well as any companies you would be interested in following.
  • Apps. On your page you are allowed to choose from several applications such as Polls, Google Presentations and My Travel, but the one I have found most useful is Blog Link. Blog Link lets you have your personal blog posts streaming on your profile, which lets potential employers view your writing samples the second they scroll down on your page.
  • Keywords. Under your job descriptions there is a small section called “Skills & Expertise”. Fill this section with words that are relevant to what you are studying, or hope to have a job in. For example, my profile’s keywords are social media, public relations, writing and blogging.
  • Interaction. LinkedIn allows you to post status updates that can be connected to your Twitter, if you so choose. Utilize this space to inquire about job openings or interesting articles you have come across to get the attention of your connections and remain relevant in the newsfeed.
  • Focus. With all of these features, it is important to keep a clear focus with your professional objectives. Don’t join irrelevant groups and connect with everyone you went to high school with, it will only crowd your profile with information that won’t benefit you.

How do you use LinkedIn professionally?

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  1. Interesting post. All the best to you.

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