Breaking Up with Facebook Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

If you know even a little bit about social media, you have probably heard about the popular social media site, Facebook and their ever-changing design. It seems like just when you get used to the older version, the site is changing your settings once again.

With the recent conversion to the Timeline format, my mini feed has been filled with peeved statuses about the new change along with a lot of resistance to the new layout. Being a Facebook user since I was about 16, I’ve listed below the newest changes that are making me want to say “it’s not me, it’s you” to the social media giant.

  • Timeline: As if Facebook isn’t a hazard enough for digital dirt, the Timeline feature allows anyone to snoop around in anything that has been posted on your wall in the lifetime of your account. It is an option to go through and delete these posts and pictures, but that process would be a time-consuming journey I’d rather avoid. Can’t say that I appreciate seeing all my corny high school statuses and embarrassing pictures, Mr. Zuckerberg.
  • The cover picture: While this can be a cool addition to your Facebook page, I already waste enough time scrolling through mostly useless information, but now I have to find TWO interesting profile pictures?!
  • Lists: On almost the entire left side of your mini-feed has your friends categorized into places you’ve worked, groups, close friends, etc. I have never really looked through my mini feed by selecting certain lists, but it stresses me out to see 20+ notifications next to each one.
  • Subscriptions: To make sure you can update yourself on your friends’ personal lives even more than usual, subscribe to them. Especially for someone that accesses Facebook through a phone application, getting constant notifications about activity on someone else’s wall is particularly annoying.

Are you happy with your relationship with Facebook?

1 thought on “Breaking Up with Facebook Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

  1. I'm not crazy about the new changes either. It is making me less attracted to facebook. I have to admit I have actually started using my twitter a lot more because it is exactly what I need. Quick updates and I can screen the people I need to for information.

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