The P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E in interning

Being an intern can be stressful and confusing. This semester I have my first internship with Comcast-Spectacor Charities and it’s nothing what I expected. I imagined I would be doing remedial tasks, answering the phone and taking messages, but I am discovering a lot more responsibilities. Currently at my internship, we are in the midst of planning the 35th Annual Wives for Lives Carnival and it is certainly hectic. With all the confusion and disorganization I have learned the P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E in being an intern.  

Persistence/Politeness– There are many times at my internship where I have to call a person multiple times to get information such as payment. Finding the balance between annoying and persistent can sometimes be tricky but being polite is key when leaving messages and following up with people.
Attitude– Your attitude is something that can make you or brake you at your internship. Being upbeat and not rolling your eyes when you’re asked to count inventory, reflects positively to your superior and others in the office.
Timeliness– Getting work done during your day is crucial when you’re an intern. Your supervisors evaluate your performance on how much work you get done throughout the day and how well you manage your time in the office. Did you take an hour lunch or show up late? These are things supervisors look for when they consider recommending you for a full time job.
Integrated– Being a chameleon in the workforce can be beneficial. To blend in and know how to do your day-to-day tasks reflects positively on your supervisor. So, get to know your way around the office building and the people who sit next to you, even if they are not in your department.
Eagerness- Being eager is one of the biggest reasons supervisors love interns; they’re fresh and eager to do anything. Try and keep that spark during the course of your internship. Sometimes the days seem long and stuffing envelopes seems like a waste of your time, but staying eager wills set you apart from other interns.
Networking– Your job isn’t to network when you’re an intern but building and maintaining relationships in the office is important. It shows that you are physically engaged in your environment and you’re receptive to others.
Common Sense– This seems like an easy one, but I have overlooked some great resources, such as Google, when I cannot figure out how to do a mail merge and don’t want to bother my supervisor.
Engaged– I struggle with being completely focused on one thing at a time. I frequently am doing two projects simultaneously and losing my place in one or the other. However, I have learned if I focus on one, I do a better and more complete job.

2 thoughts on “The P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E in interning

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  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Marx. We try to make our posts as relatable as possible. Thanks for reading and feel free to post any comments/questions, your input is greatly appreciated!

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