Pinter-what? Can Pinterest Appeal to Men?

I know from experience that many hours of life can be lost in the depths of Pinterest browsing through wedding dresses, recipes, and more, but do they exclude men?

While DIY crafts and cute pictures of puppies might not appeal to the other sex, Pinterest needs to start promoting their pin-board based site to men in order to keep their already huge audience growing. Here are some ways the site can harness male users:

  • Balance content. Instead of being barraged with things women are interested in, it needs to be known that they can access workout tips, brands they may like and just plain cool things to look at.
  • Filter. Depending on what you are interested in viewing, the site allows you to filter results based on what you choose. With this feature men can avoid “girly” things that could quickly turn them off from the site.
  • Interaction. A lot of user communication is limited to the “repin” but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for growth. Not only does the site connect you with your Facebook friends that have accounts, but you can see their boards and follow things that you like as well as comment on their posts.
  • Be resourceful. Even if men aren’t on the site for their own personal enjoyment, Pinterest can be a great resource to see what their family and friends like and even give them a clue as to what activities they would enjoy. Also, with Valentine’s Day coming up, what guy wouldn’t want a guide basically telling him what his significant other wants?

Are you on Pinterest? Do you think they effectively reach men?

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