From ABCs to Can I Get A Job Please?

With the start of 2012 comes the start of my official job search and anyone else who is graduating this May. Its hard to believe how quickly time can fly. Sometimes it feels as if it was just yesterday when I was enjoying cookies and nap time in Ms. Wright’s kindergarten class. When looking for articles for job search lessons, I absolutely loved the post 5 Job Search Lessons you Learned in Kindergarten by Heather Huhman (probably because it included something about a nap…) It’s funny how we can often learn the most important lessons before we even know how to tie our shoes.

1. Say “please” and “thank you” – Manners are very important during the job search process. Make sure you are being courteous to everyone you meet (even the receptionist) and always remember to follow up an interview with a thank you card.

2. Don’t give up – At the age of five, learning to read may have seemed like an impossible task. But with words of encouragement from your teacher, you calmed down, picked up the book and tried again. Use your professional and personal network as a support system during your job search because they have already gone through it and can offer great advice.

3. Be respectful – Playing nice with others and listening to your teacher were important in Kindergarten. The same rules apply in the work force. Arrive on time to your interview, come prepared with thoughtful questions, be attentive, dress professionally, etc….the list goes on and on. First impressions are often the most important so get started on the right foot by being professional and respectful.

4. Take a nap (or break) – Nap time was always my personal favorite time in Kindergarten. Who doesn’t love curling up on the floor after a warm plate of cookies and an hour-long recess? It’s important to take breaks during the job search as well otherwise you’ll get completely overwhelmed and frustrated. Brief breaks will allow you to re-energize and refocus so you can return to the search feeling refreshed.

5. Balance your day – In Kindergarten, days were filled with a myriad of activities from finger painting to block building to snack time to reading. The same rule should apply to your job search. Make sure you don’t spend all day applying for jobs. Balance your days with other activities such as networking, participating in Twitter chats, tailoring your job documents and more.

While these are just a few valuable lessons we learned at the age of five, there are certainly many more. What lessons did you learn in Kindergarten that can apply to the job search? Let us know!

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