The first step is always the scariest no matter what you are trying to accomplish. Whether you are just starting to drive, take on a new job, or are entering college for the first time, the heart flutters in anticipation on multiple counts. This first step of terror also goes for acquiring your very first internship. There is the initial dance of joy after attaining the position, internal panic when you realize you might be a little unsure of what you are getting into, and lastly, a moment of realization that you can, in fact, do this internship right. Or at least, that is what I have been telling myself as I prepare for my own fashion marketing internship.

Mentally go over what you already know will be your main tasks as an intern. These tasks were reviewed over during your interview, and while some tasks may be mundane, everything is there to help you be that much better in your line of work. Bottom line: pay your dues.

Always dress appropriately. Initial judgment is based off of how you present yourself. Break a heel on the sidewalk? Pack a pair of flats. Stain your shirt during a coffee run? Pack an extra. Bottom line: you are not only representing yourself but others as well, so dress to impress.

Don’t fret if you make a mistake. Remember that being an intern is a learning experience, and you won’t be perfect on your first day, especially if this is your first internship. The whole point is that when you make mistakes, fix them and become better prepared during the next go around. Bottom line: practice makes perfect.

Make the most out of your internship by asking questions, observing, and overall paying attention to your daily encounters at the office. Your mind is a valuable tool, so truly learn from your experiences, make connections, and contribute as much as you can. Bottom line: this company hired you for a reason, so make it worth your while, and theirs!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Celina Levin.

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