PR to Come to an MBA Program Near You?

All the way back in May, PRowl Public Relations blogger Emily Ascani wrote about how PR training in Business schools and MBA programs could greatly augment corporate crises communication. Now, over seven months later, there seems to be a hint of progression towards this goal.
Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business and PRSA have teamed up to pilot an initiative aimed at getting PR into more business schools. Soon Dartmouth will allow its MBA students to take a strategic communications course in one of three formats: a semester long course, a nine-week abbreviate session or in seminar format.
This is a leap forward for both the profession of public relations and MBA programs everywhere. More and more business leaders will begin to take their corporate communications more seriously and businesses will be better prepared to deal with crisis when the happen. It seems to me that introducing PR training in MBA programs is a win-win. Good job, Dartmouth!

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