Blogging Basics

Being the Director of PR for PRowl Public Relations, one of my responsibilities is to maintain this very blog! With that being said, staff members often come to me, unsure of what exactly a blog post entails. In reality, there is not a very strict right or wrong when blogging. That’s the great thing about it, blogs are not like the papers you write in class, you can feel free to write an opinion piece, or choose your own topic, or even to base your blog off of things you’ve read, seen, or experienced. Below are a couple blogging tips I’ve come across:

  • Sometimes a punchy headline is all you need: When I sit down on Sunday nights to write my blog post for Monday, I start with the title. Nothing starts off a blog post on a better foot than a catchy title. Pondering over something so simple has a title can even help you smooth out the bumps in your blog post and get the creative juices flowing.
  • Blog about something you’re actually interested in: Time goes so slowly when I try to blog about something boring. Some of my best blog posts are the ones that I either based off of my own experience, or that I have felt connected or invested into.
  • Stumped? This happens to me all the time. Take a step back, reread, and consider; what else is there to be said? I don’t always freestyle my blog posts, sometimes I will read an article about a topic that I feel would fit in great with the blog, so I will take some of the points and rework them to my perspective. Most of the time I have something to add, elaborate on, or even disagree with.

Remember: blogging is your chance to put a spin on what’s out there, so have fun with it! Do you have any tips to add for the inexperienced or hesitant blogger? Let us know!

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